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What is a public adjuster?

Public adjusters are insurance experts who negotiate insurance settlements for the benefit and protection of businesses and homeowners.  Although we are not attorneys, think of a public adjuster the same way you would an attorney.  If you were injured in an accident you would hire legal counsel to achieve the best results for you.  Similarly, if you suffered an insured property loss of any kind, doesn't it make sense to have an insurance expert work on your behalf to assure you get the maximum settlement possible based on your ENTIRE policy?  Don't be fooled, property insurance claims are complicated and your insurance company has a vested interest in the outcome of your settlement.  That is why they send out their own adjuster to evaluate your claim. Hire your own adjuster!

When should I contact a public adjuster?
You should contact a public adjuster as soon as possible after any type of insured property loss to maximize your insurance benefits.  You can also contact a public adjuster after a claim has been initiated or even after a settlement.  Reviewing recently settled claims can often reveal discrepancies and missed coverages.  In most cases, claims can be reopened and renegotiated for additional money.

What will RISCO do for me?
RISCO is focused on improving your financial recovery and we put our money where our mouth is, because there is NO risk with RISCO!  Our service fee is based on a percentage of your claim recovery, so we only get paid if you get paid.  Our fees are minimal in relation to your improved claim settlement with our involvement.

RISCO adds value to your insurance claim by utilizing our professional negotiators who have backgrounds in all lines of insurance.  RISCO's staff is familiar with how the insurance carriers work and their strategies for denying, delaying and defending claims.

RISCO will EVALUATE your complete loss and document damages; ANALYZE your entire insurance policy and endorsements to present the strongest possible claim to maximize your settlement; NEGOTIATE on your behalf with your insurance company; ADVISE you of your options and keep you informed every step of the way.

Whether your disaster is from fire, water, wind, theft or vandalism - RISCO is here to protect you.  We will save you time, hassle and anxiety that often accompany property losses.  RISCO will handle your claim professionally and expeditiously.  We understand how important it is to return your life back to normal.

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