Ready to handle your claim

Ready to handle your claim

Claim Types

Public adjuster, ready to handle your commercial or residential property claim

At RISCO, we understand that every minute your doors are closed is affecting your bottom line. We have managed claims ranging from $5,000 to $60,000,000 and are ready to get you the settlement you deserve, regardless of the size.

Commercial Public Adjusting

Suffering a property loss can be devastating to your bottom line. We’re here to help! Our goal is to get your “open” sign back in your window in as little time as possible.  

We have worked with commercial clients throughout all stages of their settlement and can pick up wherever you’ve left off. At the onset, we help our clients by turning in the claim to their insurer or agent. From there, loss mitigation begins. 

For water or fire losses, the dry-out, clean-up and securing of the property need to happen quickly and we will walk you through that process every step of the way. 

We can then gather the necessary documentation to evidence the cost of repairs or replacement needed to put you back to a pre-loss condition. We will also help calculate the loss of income or loss of use associated with your claim. From there, negotiations ensue, typically through a series of calls, emails, inspections and reinspections, using experts like forensic accountants, building construction consultants and engineers, depending on the type of loss. 

If the claim escalates and can’t be readily resolved, we may work with you on the “appraisal clause” to resolve your claim. However, in some instances, we will work with you, your attorney or our vast legal contacts to litigate a claim. 

As a last resort, litigation is sometimes needed. We will do our best to get you the claim that’s rightfully yours without wading through all the red tape but will do what’s necessary to secure what’s rightfully yours. 

Residential Public Adjusting

Facing the realities of a large loss at your home is heartbreaking. There are so many other things that will require your attention, aside from dealing with your insurance. Take it from us, having seen both the insurance- and client-side of this industry, you will benefit from professional guidance so you can guarantee you’re not getting taken advantage of while your family is in a vulnerable position. People often hire accountants and lawyers to handle these matters, however in times of residential loss, you need a public adjuster to assist with your structure, contents and loss of use claims. 

We will work with you immediately after your loss or up to two years after to audit your claim and help you achieve the maximum settlement due under the terms and conditions of your policy. 

When utilizing us immediately after a loss, we will start by turning in your claim to your agent or insurer. From there, we will help coordinate mitigation efforts and will help gather and present documentation to get your claim settled expeditiously and at the maximum value. We work diligently and meticulously to scope the damages incurred and have a lengthy rolodex of various vendors we work with so the claim can be presented in terms favorable to a proper settlement with your insurer. 

For resolving a contested claim, we might use the appraisal provision of your policy and will coordinate these efforts. In the event that litigation is needed, we will work with your attorney or will have one to recommend using our relationships to find a good fit for your situation. 

Let RISCO handle it.

Call us today at 502-299-2631 and we will get you the settlement you deserve. Because you paid for it.