Providing focus, one claim at a time

Providing focus, one claim at a time


Public Adjusting

Providing focus, one claim at a time

Filing a claim, wading through legal policy, and talking to insurance companies can be confusing and frustrating amidst an already stressful situation. RISCO’s core mission is to provide clarity and focus for you, the policy holder, so you can get the most out of your insurance coverage.

We’ll do this by examining your policy coverage documents, and any proposed or previously denied claims, so you’ll never have to settle for less than what you deserve. We are well versed in mediation and negotiated settlement resolutions, with a successful track record throughout that process.

Should litigation become necessary, we leverage existing relationships in the legal community to make sure our clients receive fair and appropriate settlements for their losses.

Our experience helps clients gain the fair maximum value from their insurance claims while working to minimize the time and exhaustive effort it takes for resolution and payment.

Risk Management

Managing risk before it manages you

RISCO assists big and small business owners with understanding the complexities of managing their business risks. Insurance is a transfer of risk for a premium. Some risks are best transferred, while others are easily managed within. Since every business has its own individual needs, RISCO will analyze your entire organization and operations to determine what is the smartest move for your company and to map out future risk concerns.


You won’t regret getting that second opinion

If you were considering a medical procedure, you would probably get a second opinion. An insurance policy should be no exception because your policy governs your rights in a loss of any kind. For commercial business owners or homeowners, RISCO offers a wide variety of consulting and counseling services from a simple policy review identifying any coverage and/or endorsement deficiencies to giving you a second opinion on your policy, price and agent.


We can save you money…or get your money back!

RISCO conducts insurance audits for clients that have policies based on revenue and/or categorizations. We can save you money and in many cases get money back from your insurance company for overpaid premiums. It is a simple and inexpensive process, but very underutilized by business owners. RISCO believes in insurance audits so much that we base our fees on a percentage of your recovery of overpaid premiums.


There to protect you…no matter the cost.

Property insurance policies typically contain an “appraisal clause”. When the insured or insurer disagree on the amount of loss, either party can trigger appraisal. Appraisal involves settling the property claim damage costs but is not for use in determining coverage disputes. The value of the claim sometimes necessitates the appraisal provision and has proven to be a useful tool.

Let RISCO handle it.

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